Activity Sets

This year’s curriculum features interest-based Activity Sets through which girls can learn the core concepts of computer programming. We offer many avenues to learn these same concepts.

Core4 Activity Sets

Computer science is a rapidly changing field, and the list of programming languages that engineers use is always evolving. Still, there are a few logical problem-solving concepts that are the building blocks of nearly all programming languages. Girls Who Code calls these ideas the Core4: variables, loops, conditionals and functions. These Core4 concepts can be combined to solve many kinds of problems, whether you're building a game, making music, or creating digital art.

Here are links to our Core 4 Activity sets. You can check out this:  Guide to Selecting a Core4 Activity Set.

Extended Activity Sets - Beyond the Core4

The Core4 Activity Sets are meant to build proficiency in the Core4: loops, variables, conditionals and functions. However, there is a lot more to Computer Science than these four concepts! Extended Activity Sets give you the chance to explore these other concepts after you have developed a strong grasp of the Core4.