Technology Links

Girls Who Code Clubs rely on several pieces of technology for the club to run smoothly. Below are some of the technologies we use. All of these resources are free to club participants.


Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is the center of education in a Girls Who Code Club. Assignments, Pre/Post Tests, and more are all stored in Canvas for accessibility and ease. Here, instructors take attendance, review and grade assignments as complete, and create real-time digital interaction inside their Girls Who Code community via Collaborations.

Coding Environments

  • Codesters - A self-paced environment for learning Python and creating personal projects. Requires an account and password. 
  • EarSketch - a platform that lets you compose your own music by programming in Python or JavaScript. 
  • Khan Academy - Used for live programming/editing, sharing code, and video resources. 
  • ProcessingJS - API used to enhance assignments
  • JSFiddle - Used for building websites and sharing code 
  • Fluid UI - Live editor used for building storyboarding/wireframing and building websites

Extended Activity Sets